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Concert HCTB 3rd May


Dear Parents and band members


Can I please remind you of the joint concert with HCTB and Hamble Area Youth Band on Saturday 3rd May 2014.

This takes place in the Main School Hall of Wildern School (Wildern Lane, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 4EJ).

Audience admission is by door charge £5 (£3 concessions).


The schedule is as follows:


16.00 HCTB arrive, set-up & rehearse

17.30 HCTB / HAYB joint rehearsal

18.00 HAYB rehearsal

18.30 doors

19.00 Concert (finish 21.00 latest)


Can band members please bring uniform & a packed tea (HCTB members to remain on site during tea break)


I hope you all have a great Easter break

Best Wishes

Jock McKenzie


HCJB Additional Performance

Dear Parents

A request has been made for an additional performance by HCJB. The details of this are:


  • Saturday 28th June 2014 (evening only)
  • Charity Summer Concert at Hilliers Gardens, Romsey (a lovely place)!
  • HCJB family / lift providers etc are welcome to join the audience for this concert.

This concert, if undertaken would provide HCJB with an excellent opportunity to play a full programme of music and additionally would provide a great means of preparation for the forthcoming tour. I really hope the band can play at this event, they are certainly sounding very slick & deserve the opportunity to display their skills at what will be a very significant event.


I must make a very swift response to this request, but first of all I need to know if HCJB members are available - there would of course be no morning rehearsal at Perins should this concert go ahead & members would not be requested to attend a lengthy staging / dress rehearsal at the venue.


Please can I ask that you inform Emma Davis at HMS of your availability or otherwise ASAP


Many Thanks - in anticipation


Jock McKenzie

Sent: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 09.01 AM
Subject: Mnozil Brass

Dear Parents and band members


Most of you will remember that the world-famous Mnozil Brass were invited to Hampshire last year to help the Hampshire County Youth Band celebrate its 50th Anniversary. Well, they are back in Hampshire on October 11 2014 performing at The Anvil, Basingstoke. I cannot stress just how brilliant this group is - an absolute must-see. Don't expect to see & hear something formal - their humour and theatrics are on a par with their playing - look them up on YouTube for a taster.


Tickets went on sale Tuesday 4th Feb and will sellout very quickly. I cannot recommend them highly enough - do try to go and see them - they really are the best in the world!


Jock McKenzie

Sent: Friday, January 10, 2014 3:46 PM
Subject: HCTB - New Year Message

Dear Parents and band members


Happy New Year!


Can I please ask you to add another performance date to your calendar/diaries:


Saturday 3 May 2014


Joint Concert - HCTB and Hamble Area Youth Band

Venue - Wildern School, Wildern Lane, Hedge End, Hampshire, SO30 4EJ

Time - 7pm (concert - preceded by a rehearsal at 4.30pm)

Tickets will be on sale nearer the time.


* There will be no morning rehearsal at Perins for the HCTB on this date.


As always please can you give prompt notification of unavoidable absences.


Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie


Sent: Friday, January 10, 2014 3:55 PM
Subject: HCTB & HCJB - New Year Message

Dear Parents and band members


Happy New Year!


Can I remind you all of the HCTB/HCJB Joint Concert on:


Saturday 8 February 2014


Concert - 7pm (Doors 6.30pm)

Venue - Main Hall, Perins School, Alresford, SO24 9BS

Rehearsal on the day : HCTB 3pm - 4.30pm

                                              HCJB 4.30pm - 6pm


* Band Uniform

* Please bring a packed tea

*There will be no tickets sales in advance or door admission. Rather, for this event we will take a retiring collection. How much you donate is up to you (guidance, ticketed concerts are typically £6 and £4 concessions).


Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie


Extracts of a letter sent out by e-mail Friday 26th October 2012.  Confidential and out of date elements have been removed so please check your e-mail.

Dear Parents and band members

Attendance and commitment 

The HCYBs enjoy an excellent reputation for musical standards and opportunity. Our standards and values are as a result of the commitment shown by so many of our members across the bands as well as the work and skills of our staff team. All members and parents are aware of the conditions of HCYB membership including the crucial elements of regular attendance and commitment to all band activities. Of course there will be instances where absence is unavoidable e.g. illness, educational activities etc but otherwise full attendance is a requirement of HCYBs membership.

All three bands have made an excellent start to this our 50th Anniversary year, but, at the same time there has been a high level of absenteeism at rehearsals. As a result musical standards and productivity suffers. Equally significant is the period of notification given for absence by some. All rehearsals are carefully planned for by our staff; we don’t simply turn up on a Saturday morning to announce “what shall we play today”? All too often this term notification of absence has been last minute (if at all in a minority of cases) or even given in retrospect. I should point out that falling ill at short notice is understandably a different context altogether). This forces conductors to abandon at the very last minute what was planned for the good of the bands & hence the standard of band playing and productivity suffers. Band / ensemble playing is a team activity – everyone matters and conductors plan for everyone to matter!

Please can I ask all members and parents to consider this matter with understanding and recognition of the excellent commitment shown by the very substantial majority of our members. Put simply we want you to be members of the bands and we want you to have a great time, but we expect you to commit!

Insurance of HCYB instruments 
Our band instruments are used in many varied situations. Very often, members use our instruments in a non HCYBs context i.e. school / college use, community bands, transit, storage etc. It is particularly this varied use that creates a situation where insurance issues fall ‘between the cracks’. It is for this reason that each year I pay a very substantial sum of money from the HCYB account to adequately insure our instrumental stock with a specialist company and policy. This protection ensures that our equipment is safe and operational in all manner of situations inside and outside of direct HCYBs use. The protection of these instruments ensures that instruments of a good (and often professional standard) quality are available to all band members that need them & who stand to benefit from their use in the HCYBs and beyond. This protection also ensures that our instruments can be maintained to a workable level. The day has never yet come when a student has been denied a place in the HCYBs purely because they do not possess a suitable instrument – I do not wish that scenario ever to arrive! Appropriate insurance of our band equipment goes a long way to safeguarding this provision.

Although not officially requested, some parents have chosen to include HCYB instruments on their household contents insurance, but the instrument has of course been insured at the same time under the official HCYB policy. In the recent past the there have been instances where household insurance policies have not ‘paid up’ in the event of a stolen / damaged / lost etc HCYB instrument. For this reason and those stated above it is essential that all HCYB instrument insurance matters are handled through our official policy. HCYB does not charge a loan or rental fee, but I would ask that parents contribute to the cost of insurance as requested (if in possession of a HCYB instrument). The amount requested is significantly subsidised and does not seek to differentiate between sizes and values of instruments.

Many Thanks

Jock McKenzie 
Director, Hampshire County Youth Bands

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