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Saturday night: The Story of the Fairy (thorne) Tale Band

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Director, Jock McKenzie had told his Granny that some of the band members were not settling at night so Granny McKenzie decided a fairy tale would calm them down.

Granny McKenzie tells them the story of the "Fairy Tale Band".

Here it is:

Baby Mark Streathbear is on Percussion  Baby Bear 
Mummy Heathbear and Daddy Hairy Watling are parent helpers.

 Mummy Bear and Daddy Bear

 Bear Dance

Little Red Brydon Hood and her best friend Jo White play cornet  Little Red Riding HoodSnow White
The seven dwarves are also in the band Seven Dwarfs
Goldijock wants to be principal cornet and falls out (again) with her biggest rival, Cranstonella who wants Principal Charming to be principal.

GoldilocksCinderella Prince Charming

 The Big Fight


The two Ugly Sisters support her.  Ugly Sisters
Stannochio plays Euph. Pinnochio
The Big Bad Wilf scares everyone with his cymbal crashes.  Big Bad Wolf
The new conductor Rapunzel brings them to order and they play beeeautifully.


Improved Performance 2 

Inproved Performance


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  1. Cathi

    Thank you to all the fairy tale characters who turned up at the course!

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