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The annual ritual humiliation of the staff

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First, the competition where members of staff (Jane, Jon and Jock) were asked to fill their mouths with marshmallows and speak.  The winner was the last one who had maximum marshmallows and could still speak.  It was a tight contest with Jock and Jon tying at 11 marshmallows each, but Jock unable to speak finally!  So Jon was victorious.  He could not bring himself to eat the marshmallows.

Marshmallow 11 and Speaking Champion

But this was just not enough humiliation for the band members.  Next they wrapped up staff members in tissue paper for a "Best Mummy" contest.  The winner this time was ....(cue drum roll).... Mark the percussion tutor!

Mummy 0

Mummy 1

Mummy 2

Mummy 3

Mummy 4

Mummy 5

Mummy 6

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