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The Watling Wonders

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Fairthorne Entertainment Evening blasted off like a rocket with the Watling Wonders performing a dazzling selection of music which wowed us all.  The group, spurred on by the Watling brothers, is largely made up of ex-members and fellow-students from music college come together in a variety of formations, often to fundraise for the neo natal unit at Southampton hospital.  They gave current band members a taste of what could be theirs with hard musician ship and show flair!

Watling Wonders Standing Ensemble  Standing up to lanch the set.
 Watling Wonders Group Shot 2 You may recognise a few faces in this ensemble...here Matt Watling solos. 
 Watling Wonders Solo Wonder 1 Matt showed us all the versatility of his instrument's expressions with some interpretations of racing cars amongst other things.  (Apparently this is known as multi-phonics)
 Watling Wonders Solo Wonder 2 Ben Watling solos.
 Watling Wonders Posed Group 2 The ensemble. 


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