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Saturday Night Entertainment: The Watling Dectet

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Each year, Matt Watling, HMS tutor, co-director of HCJB, and an ex HCYB member himself, pulls together a band of HMS staff and HCYB alumni.  It shows band members what they can aim towards and achieve. 

Here is this year's ensemble:

Jim Potter, Trumpet, Birmingham Conservatoire (ex HCYB)
Jock McKenzie, Trumpet (HMS)
Rachael Crossen (HMS, ex HCYB)
Adam Denman, Trumpet, Welsh College of Music (ex HCYB)
Alex Stead, Horn, Royal Welsh College of Music (ex HCYB)
Mark Streather, HMS
Jon Cranston (HMS, ex HCYB)
Nick Armstrong, Trinity College of Music (ex HCYB)
Matthew Watling, Euphonium, Royal Northern College of Music (HMS, ex HCYB)
Tom Barton, Euphonium, Royal College of Music  (ex HCYB)
Ben Watling, Trombone, Trinity College, (ex HCYB)

Watling Wanderers1

Watling Wanderers2

Watling Wanderers3

Watling Wanderers4

Watling Wanderers5

Watling Wanderers6

Watling Wanderers7

Watling Wanderers8

Watling Wanderers9

Watling Wanderers10

Watling Wanderers11

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