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A rather groggy start this morning, following last night's coach fiasco with breakfast being an hour earlier than usual. It was not without good cause however, and we soon set off for a three hour boat trip to Moscenicka Draga, sunbathing on the roof with ice cold drinks and music which made for a beautiful and relaxing ride. In the town we bought drinks and ice cream (a common feature of the week!) before heading back on the water.

While the other half of the band took their turn on the boat we bought lunch in Opatija and spent a leisurely afternoon swimming in the sun. After supper we all boarded the coach for the night's concert, located in a more remote and less tourist driven town. We arrived to a somewhat pungent aroma and proceeded to set up in the courtyard. Although we were very hot and didn't have much elbow room, it was a great concert with an enthusiastic audience, particularly with regard to the percussion section, who have gained celebrity status amongst certain Croatians.

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