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  1. BlogEd

    Thank you Martin

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  2. Martin

    Have run the article through Bing Translate ... The river ? the melodies of the wind Orchestra Hampshire County Youth Band today are the Church the Trsat Hill-you have created a pleasant and dynamic atmosphere in this unique space. The orchestra consists of some fifty young musicians in the range of 17 to 20 years of age who travel Europe and perform, and is in the process of Croatia's tour. The Orchestra, which performed a number of generations, was founded in 1963. the year in Hampshire. The current Director, Jock McKenzie, the Orchestra kept on an enviable high level on the local and national level, and they have received numerous awards for performances at national and international competitions in Spain, Malta, Italy and Austria. Members of the Orchestra, they had the opportunity to work and perform with internationally recognized artists what they surely helped in their further performances, and performed jazz, folk and pop music. The audience at the Trsat Fort presented a truly wide range of compositions-from classics and pop-rock processing through to jazz, and also some of the famous songs in a different arrangement, they showed how wind Orchestra can create a unique musical blend of the classic and the modern.

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  3. Richard Smith

    http://www.liburnija.net/orkestar-hampshire-county-youth-band-gostovao-na-trsatskoj-gradini/ made the local news ! can anyone translate?

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