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Croatia tour is close, so make sure you are ready....

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  • Finally, some guidance from your tour leaders following the pre-tour inspection:
    • Insect repellant; all of the tour concerts are late evening and past experience suggests that applying repellant is a real advantage! Please bring whatever is most suitable for you.
    • Toilet stops en route; on mainland Europe it is the norm to pay a small toilet charge. If you have any loose change (Euros) from any previous European visit please bring it along - 'Pay to Pee' with peace of mind.
    • Instrument insurance; all HCYB instruments are insured for this tour but if the instrument you play is your own or belongs to another ensemble please ensure that you are covered. This often means no more than adding it to your household contents insurance (for no extra charge if only out of the UK for a limited amount of time). Please do check and sort this.
    • Hotel room list; this will be compiled as soon as it is available.

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  1. John Winkles

    Glad to hear that you've finally made it onto the continent. Bon voyage.

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  2. bayo

    Listening to the final concert of our South OfFrance tour we hope you have great weather and enjoy your tour as much as we have enjoyed ours. Basingstoke AreaYouth Orchestra

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