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So, after another incredible weekend ....

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....it remains to say thank you to all the HMS staff, volunteers and section coaches who gave up their weekend to enhance the band experience for all the members.  Lots of responsibility, lots of work, little sleep and then back to work the following day.  Such wonderfully kind people.

Thank you to you all for all you do.

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  1. Ali A

    Staff/volunteers, thank you so much for the wonderful weekend you organised for all the bands. My boys really enjoyed themselves and most importantly, what a wonderful musical experience they were lucky enough to take part in. Thank you so much. And BlogEd, thank you too, I love reading about/seeing all the band members' adventures.

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  2. BlogEd

    It is a pleasure Ali. Nice to be appreciated though so thanks. :) PS Also a team effort as there were a number of people taking photos for the Blog.

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  3. Ali S

    And thank you to BlogEd for another great blog! X

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  4. Ali S

    Thank you so so much to everyone involved this weekend. My two both had so much fun, but also learned a lot too! We are so grateful to you all for the fantastic opportunities you provide the children.

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