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The mandatory cave trip

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Traditionally there is always a trip to a cave.  And BlogEd was starting to worry that no cave photos had dropped into the Inbox.  

Finally, here we have not just a cave, but bears too (and pretty rare bears at that!).

Tour 2016 Kattee Cave 1

Tour 2016 Kattee Cave 2

Tour 2016 Kattee Cave 3

Tour 2016 Kattee Cave 4

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  1. Carolyn C

    Looks like an amazing place, can feel the need for a family holiday to the Black Forest. Love the bears, very rare indeed; Jane and the girls also do a good bear impression! Thanks Jane and everyone, looks like a good days sightseeing.

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  2. BlogEd

    Thanks Paul. It has been a pleasure, as it always is, to Blog for each tour and residential trip. BlogEd :)

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  3. Paul K

    Thank you staff and parents of the tour team. It looks like they have had a great time, playing and visiting some places I feel we will need to return to as a family. Thanks for looking after our son on his first tour. @Blog Ed...thanks for all the updates. It's really great to have a connection to what they are doing.

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