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Final festival performance

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From Jock:

Wow! What an event & performance.
This photo was taken early in the evening - the crowds grew & grew...
A great way to end a lovely tour.


Tour 2016 Jock Last Concert

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  1. BlogEd

    Vielen Dank. Ich spreche nur Englisch, wenn ich bei BlogEd Hauptquartier bin. Hier ist ein Hinweis : BlogEd eine Mutter von zwei Mitgliedern der Band ist !

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  2. Nicola L

    The Band members all look so trendy in those matching sunglasses! And what a backdrop!! -Particularly enjoyed the dectec photos here :-) Thanks for all the news & piccies (don't know whether you're male or female BlogEd, but I shall send you some Bussi anyway ;-) (have you picked up any German?!) xxx

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  3. Richard

    Great pictures, thanks so much, looking froward to seeing you soon :-)

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  4. BlogEd

    Priscilla, BlogEd and BlogEd's laptop are both lightweights compared with the tour team....BlogEd's laptop ran out of battery and then BlogEd actually fell asleep while uploading photos last night. Meanwhile, the tour team are up and about and still have time to send photos. They are all going to look very bleary indeed when they step off that coach!

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  5. Priscilla

    Thank you for the amazing photos and the whole blog. Wonderful to enjoy it with you all! I love the way the French really know how to do outdoor music festivals, really makes it when you have a crowd to play for! You must all be shattered today! Including blogEd ;-)

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