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Day 4: Out and about the locality

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When in the Black Forest....

Tour 2016 Day 4 Jock Pic 1

Jane is loving her sunnies from the leavers. You can't see it but she also has her mosquito band on.

Tour 2016 Day 4 Nicky Pic 1

One of your five a day Jane!

Tour 2016 Day 4 Nicky Pic 2


At Triberg Waterfall.

Tour 2016 Day 4 Jane Pic 1

We had a fun journey to the Black Forest today through spectacular scenery with the Junior Band singing the acapella version of their Band music. One of the Junior Band says this has been their favourite day because they enjoyed the beautiful scenery!

Tour 2016 Day 4 Gwen Pic 1

Tour 2016 Day 4 Gwen Pic 2

Tour 2016 Day 4 Gwen Pic 3

Tour 2016 Day 4 Gwen Pic 4

Coming down from the Waterfalls!

Tour 2016 Day 4 Gwen Pic 5

At the bottom!

Tour 2016 Day 4 Gwen Pic 6

The Junior Band spotted this ski jump and several ski lifts on our way to Titisee.

Tour 2016 Day 4 Gwen Pic 7

We walked to the lake at Titisee and found guess what?! lots of ice cream shops!

Tour 2016 Day 4 Gwen Pic 8

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  1. Priscilla

    Nice to see you're not sick of ice cream yet... or cream.. or cakes... fortunately it's not all inclusive next week for Lizzie! Very scenic indeed. Maybe next year for skiing. Is it just me or does Titisee sound like a location out of a Gilbert and Sullivan light opera??

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  2. Tammy

    Looks like a fantastic day, I'm sure Berry would have loved it. Looking forward to having her home and hearing all about it.

    Posted on

  3. Jane

    What gorgeous scenery. It must be great for everyone to stretch their legs before the l-o-n-g journey home.

    Posted on

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