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Dear all

Your comments are so much appreciated.  Thank you.

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  1. Sharon T

    Looks like you are all having a great time. Thanks for all the organisation and planning that has gone on behind the scenes!

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  2. Ali S

    It's our first tour as we are new members and with both kids going off its been so reassuring seeing the updates and photos. I know they are in fantastic hands and are having an amazing time and I am so grateful to everyone involved for this incredible opportunity! So, thank you all AGAIN!

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  3. BlogEd

    Thank you. It is a pleasure. And it is a also team effort; all the leaders are taking photos and sending them to me, with commentary too. It is very rewarding to see that being able to follow the tour progress engages parents, their friends, family members and members of the Youth band too! Thank you to all of you for also enlivening the Blog with commentary and for sending in your thanks to the team. It makes an enormous difference to morale.

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  4. Ali S

    Thanks for an incredible blog!

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