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First concert: Jock's summary

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Excellent first concert. Great weather, large audience, fantastic location, great playing from both bands, soloists & HCTB 10tet. Impromptu retiring collection for the concert (audience instigated) was very generous.

Tour 2016 First Concert

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  1. Tanya and Julian

    What a fantastic venue and glad to see the people of Strasbourg were so appreciative and warm. Having such a full house must have created a real buzz. Many thanks to all who organised this great trip

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  2. Paul K

    Looks like you've had a great day.

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  3. Dave W

    Looks a great location. Well done everyone

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  4. Cara M

    Well done everyone and glad that it was received so well.

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  5. Ali S

    What a lovely venue! Well done to everyone for a great first concert!

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  6. Sally-Ann

    Fantastic! Great news that the first concert went so well. Well played everyone!

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  7. Ben Lee

    Great to see the Training Band; with our son and friends! Thankyou. Glad the Concert was so well recieved :)

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