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Have a guess on our ultimate ETA?

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It's touch and go...... Will we arrive today or tomorrow? Bearing in mind we are now an hour ahead of you.

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  1. Ben Lee


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  2. Jane Stuart

    I'd like to think that Elsie will arrive on her birthday so, perhaps optimistically, I'll opt for 11:55pm! You must all be shattered - hope you sleep well tonight.

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  3. Carolyn C

    Are we allowed more than one guess? If so 00.03 ? Hope they have all been sleeping, adults as well as the youngsters! Night, night from the UK

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  4. Cara M

    00.14 hrs...hope it's not any later as I'm sure you are all tired ....I know I am!! Hope you all have a good sleep tonight without any more queueing!

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  5. Carolyn C

    12.46 ?

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  6. Ali S


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