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Sum up from Jock

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A lovely time at Coppet. Great to have a concert there as part of the town's National Swiss Day festivities.

Lovely, friendly people who made us feel very special and appreciated, lots of requests to return to Coppet in the near future. Great concert in a very picturesque lakeside setting.

International Olympic Museum, Lausanne - this was very good indeed. A superb way to make a museum interesting and engaging.

Our final concert is now underway in Casino Montbenon, Lausanne - home of the city's professional orchestra and chamber groups. Lovely to see a good-sized audience has turned up - things going very well indeed.

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  1. Jenny and John Buffle

    Thank you for a great concert at Coppet yesterday - we were delighted to 'discover' such a talented group of young musicians - a terrific sound and some superb solo playing. You really made our national day! All the best for the future (we'll be following you!) Jenny B

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  2. Theresa and Chris Davison

    Thanks to you all for giving them such an amazing tour, and for giving us the opportunity to follow it.

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  3. The Firths

    Great pictures and comments. Good way to follow you all and get a small sense of your experiences eah day.

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  4. Jane Stuart

    It sounds as though you've had a busy day! Happy Birthday, Kate! Elsie had her 12th birthday in Belgium when touring with the Junior Band 2 years ago - very special memories - just missed it this year! :)

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