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And they are off....

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You can follow them via the Blog.  If you click on the RSS feed above the Blog heading, you should receive an alert every time the Blog is updated.  Please add comments - they have to be approved by BlogEd before going live, so please remember that BlogEd is sometimes occupied elsewhere....it will be checked and updated as often as possible, at least twice a day.  The journey is long so do not expect much news on here until they arrive.

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  1. Jacqui P

    Well done Nicole! You've joined a distinguished group of HCYB parents who've been there and got the T shirt! At least Dan is never likely to do it again!

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  2. Nicole Carpenter

    You're right! Even if Band let him, I won't. 200 mile round trip, each attempt to catch the coach up before the M25 thwarted. Successful reunion, successful cuff about the ear. Just glad you all made it safely :)

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  3. Vicky Ewen

    Bon Voyage! Looking forward to some sunny pictures :)

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  4. Jane Stuart

    Bon voyage! I hope Dan will be reunited with his cornet before long: he'll never live it down!

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