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Some answers and some questions

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Back from a hot and sticky day in Maastricht where the children played to the passing public in the main square outside the town hall. They also had time to browse the shops...expect a few pairs of clogs to come home in the luggage!  The children are now all having down time which for some involves painting their nails or taking a nap, reading or playing in the tree house, for some it means playing cards or chess, for others playing the piano (clearly not had enough of music then!)

Now, before spending a few hours uploading photos, here are a few answers and then some new questions.


Nicky - YES, it was a female.

Jon - No, it was not Matt.

Suzanne - It was NOT an adult.

New Questions:

1) Who made the following comments today?

"I'm about to get a moustache!"

"Everything goes straight through me"

2) Who dropped a day's money envelope over the side of the boat?

There will be photos aplenty posted up later this evening.

Thanks for the comments....keep them coming!

Lucy....you'll have to keep thinking!  It was NO to both of those...

Sara - No, not Lauren...she won't be bringing you home some lovely yellow clogs then...

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  1. Kate Trodd

    I'd vote for Abigail for dropping the envelope and the small bladder. So much for putting extra cash in for toilets!

    Posted on

  2. Nicky

    R we still playing the "bladder" game.? Was it Jane?

    Posted on

  3. Karuna Vedi

    Thank you for the lovely photos. Nice to see you are all having a fabulous time and the weather is lovely. Look forwrad to seeing the next batch.

    Posted on

  4. Linda Groves

    Just as likely to be my Tom for both the comments and the money over board. Sounds like you are having a great time. Thanks for the fab updates and photos.

    Posted on

  5. Helen Smith

    Just seen the Photo of Stephen looking at the yellow clogs, hope that was all he was doing!

    Posted on

  6. Gwen

    I bet Alison said 'I have a small bladder' and Alex could have dropped his money envelope overboard! Thanks for the blog -it is great.

    Posted on

  7. Lynne Gilbert

    Breathe again knowing it is not Jemma growing a moustache! George turns 14 on Tuesday...please tell me I don't have to add a razor onto his birthday list?? Loving the blog, thanks for the updates.

    Posted on

  8. Jo Gill

    Hannah for dropping envelope.!

    Posted on

  9. Cara Milliner

    Reckon it was probably Alex for both the moustache and the envelope fiasco (phew, at least he won't be able to bring back any clogs then!) but it definitely wasn't him for the toilet stop comment yesterday ....he's like a camel in that respect! Thankyou all so much for keeping us up to date with all the happenings in and around Valkenburg. Hope you manage to get some down time too.

    Posted on

  10. Jane Stuart

    Loving the blog! It's so good to read all the family responses, too. Keep it coming!

    Posted on

  11. Claire Bayliss

    Bet Thomas' money went over the side! Thanks for the blog - it's great!

    Posted on

  12. Debbie Dennison

    Amy for the money overboard. On a school trip she was the one who fell in the water so hopefully, if it was her, only the envelope went in!

    Posted on

  13. Suzanne Childs

    Was it Alison P and hoping the second comment was not Ethan ha !

    Posted on

  14. Lynne Gilbert

    Hoping it wasn't Jemma for the moustache comment!! Have had pictures of tasty looking waffles so unlikely to be George to have lost his money overboard! PS. Lucy, my money would've been on Ben!

    Posted on

  15. Sara Willox

    Thank you for the updates. Lauren for the money envelope overboard, just glad I didn't put anything in it!! Have a great evening.

    Posted on

  16. Lucy Pegler

    Ben for moustache comment or money overboard? Both equally likely!

    Posted on

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