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Safe arrival in Valkenburg

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Junior Band have all arrived safely at the hotel in Valkenburg and are currently rehearsing.

No one was sick.

They were angelic throughout the journey.

We made such good time that we caught an earlier ferry than planned.

Everyone has eaten a good evening meal.

It is very hot and humid here.

They are now rehearsing in the gardens with a very happy audience of residents.

All medications for those that needed them have been administered.

A good sleep is inevitable!

The Wi-Fi is a bit slow so it will take a while to upload photos, but please keep watching as they will go up this evening!

In the meantime can you guess who said the following:

"I have a very small bladder" (fortunately at one of our stops!). 

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  1. Jon Cranston

    Can't be Matt.... Can it??? Have a great trip everyone!

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  2. Nicky

    Shall we ask some yes/ no questions? I'll go first - was it a girl?

    Posted on

  3. Lucy Pegler

    So pleased to hear the journey went well, thanks for getting in touch...over anxious mother ;-)

    Posted on

  4. Pip Armitage

    No Jane...it was not!

    Posted on

  5. Jane Stuart

    Got to be Jane!!

    Posted on

  6. Pip Armitage

    No Cathi..it was not!

    Posted on

  7. Nicky

    After such an early start you all deserve a good nights sleep - ha, ha,ha! Have a great day tomorrow.

    Posted on

  8. Cathi


    Posted on

  9. Pip Armitage

    No Sally-Ann - it was not....

    Posted on

  10. Lynne and Scott Gilbert

    Pleased to hear you had an uneventful journey and have settled in well. Can't ask for anything better than a brass band rehearsing outdoors to an impromptu audience! Sleep well all.

    Posted on

  11. Sally-Ann Bird

    Pleased to hear you have arrived safely. Hope you all get a good nights sleep. Was it my son with the small bladder?!

    Posted on

  12. Helen Parrott

    Glad you have arrived safely. Have a wonderful few days and thank you all for the blog updates!

    Posted on

  13. Linda Groves

    Great to here the journey went well. Have a great time and thanks for the blog.

    Posted on

  14. Leanne Farley

    Glad all going smoothly! Sounds like an idyllic journey! Other band news is that three of the HCTB members went to see James today to give him his get well soon card and his I pad that they have bought with the money they raised. He was in good spirits, very pleased to see them all and he is making good progress. Lots of happy tears from Esther!!

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  15. Jill Larner

    Really good to hear you'be arrived safely. Have a great trip.

    Posted on

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