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Category: Fairthorne Weekend 2018

  1. There will be many more photos during the weekend

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    We shall endeavour to put up photos so you can all see your own offspring but please bear with the team as they have many other responsibilities ensuring band members have a safe, enjoyable and productive weekend.  Photos tend to be put up in batches and often late in the evening.... but keep checking back or if you would like to be electronically notified of new posts then click above on the Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 23.34.22 icon to set up a post alert.  (NB If you don't already have RSS software installed then you may need to download one - there are many good free versions.)

    Until tomorrow, BlogEd

  2. Fairthorne Weekend 2018: Are you ready?

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    If you have not already handed it in/emailed it, please remember your HCYBA Family Form.

    Please ensure your child has bedding (covered duvet + sheet or sleeping bag) with a covered pillow plus the list below:

    Band members:

    • Your instrument and mouthpiece.
    • Band folder if you have one.
    • Toiletries and Towels.
    • Pencil for rehearsals.
    • A little pocket money for the band refreshments stall, for soft drinks, crisps and sweets.
    • Money for hog/veggie roast if your child/ren has opted for one.
    • Uniform, as per list.  (Anyone who has filled out the HCYBA Family Form and paid for uniform, please be aware that new uniform is fitted at Fairthorne during the weekend and before the photos)  Please remember to bring black shoes!!!!
    • Bedding: covered duvet or sleeping bag + under sheet + covered pillow