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Category: Fairthorne Weekend 2017

  1. Saturday night entertainment....shock horror, NO Mummy making this year!

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    Every year, band alumnus Matt Watling pulls together an ensemble he calls 'Matt Watling and Friends'.  The friends comprise HMS staff and ex HCYB members, both of which now describe Matt.

    It gives HCYB current members aspiration and sets an example of high standard.  It is always entertaining and contains a varied repertoire.  Long may it continue.

    This year, Matt Watling and Friends comprise a mixture of HMS staff and ex HCYB members:

    Jim Potter, studying trumpet at Birmingham conservertoire
    Jock McKenzie (no intro needed)
    Rachael Crossen (HMS staff)
    Adam Denman, trumpet graduate of Welsh College of Music
    Alex Stead (HMS staff)
    Mark Streather (HMS staff)
    Jon Cranston (HMS staff, ex HCYB)
    Nick Armstrong, at Trinity College of Music
    Matthew Watling, graduate of Royal Northern College of Music on Euphonium (HMS staff, ex HCYB)
    Tom Barton, graduate of Royal College of Music on Trombone (ex HCYB)
    Ben Watling, graduate of Trinity College on Trombone (ex HCYB)

    Watling Wanderers11

    Watling Wanderers10

    Watling Wanderers9

    Watling Wanderers8

    Watling Wanderers7

    Watling Wanderers6

    Watling Wanderers5

    Watling Wanderers4

    Watling Wanderers3

    Watling Wanderers2

    Watling Wanderers1


  2. Fairthorne Reminders

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    Bedding and Warm Clothes
    Please remember to bring your own bedding - sleeping bag, pillow and pillowcase or sheet, duvet plus cover and pillow plus pillowcase.
    Remember to bring some warm clothes as it can be quite chilly at Fairthorne.
    Please remember your uniform including black shoes and trousers/skirt as well as black socks or tights. We will size up everyone who is buying new shirts. Band photos are also taken over the weekend so you need all your uniform for that and not just the concert at the end of the residential.
    Outstanding Association Forms
    Please bring any outstanding Association forms. I have had most of them handed in but there are still a few missing. Make sure you enclose payment for uniform, voluntary donations and a completed Gift Aid form. You can pay by BACS (details on the attached Association forms). Hand your forms in when you check in.
    Check in
    Check in is from 1630 in The Bluebell Room next to the dining room. There will be a separate check desk in for each of our three bands. Bring something in which to record the external door security numbers.  
    HCYBA Tuck shop
    The adult team will be running the tuck shop during the weekend. Sweets, crisps, chocolate, cold and hot drinks will be available at our Saturday rehearsal prices. Please encourage your band members to buy from our shop and not the more expensive vending machines on site. All our profit goes back to benefit all three bands. If possible send your band member with change. Too many £10 notes and we are stuffed!
    Pizza for supper!
    One of our adult team, Gary Watling, is a qualified chef and runs his own catering company. He is bringing his mobile pizza oven to Fairthorne to make and sell 9 inch pizzas for after our Saturday entertainment.Please note this does not replace any of the timetabled meals. If they would like to buy a pizza and members will need to bring money with them for this. Gary is going to charge £5 for a Margherita Pizza and £6 for a Pepperoni one. Pizzas will be sliced and boxed and band members may wish to club together and buy one between them .
    Talent Show
    Thanks to the band members who have now signed up for this. There is still room for more acts. Does your band member sing, play another instrument, tell jokes, dance, do magic tricks? How fast can they do a Rubik's cube? Could they get a group together and do a sketch or sing something? Please encourage them to come to Fairthorne prepared to participate bringing props and equipment with them.