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  1. Youth Forum Journal Blog from Member B

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    Tuesday ... started off with the usual struggle to figure out the buffet breakfast. Swimming was scheduled for 11 so with two hours to kill, some spent the time out in the hot sunshine catching up on their tan, tan took the time to wonder round Opatija to take on more of the local sights whilst others caught up with lost sleep. 11 hit and it was everyone down to the beach for a whole band swim session. Fully armed with beach balls, frisbees and even a flamingo, we spent a much needed hour of so cooling of from the midday heat.

    Everyone staggered up to the hotel to prepare for our lunch a mixture of beef and shark.
    We departed for Rovinj at 3 and Vlatka took the time to tell us all about the history of Rovinj especially the area of Croatia, Istria. Stepping out from the coach into the little town was a big wave of heat. We wandered into the heart of Rovinj and then spent the next two hours admiring the views and the culture that Rovinj gave us. Vlatka kindly gave us a guided tour up to the church and bell tower where only the grave ventured up the 188 steep stepped tower. Rovinj gave us a chance to grab some dinner; mainly pizza and ice cream !

    After departing from Rovinj we set off on the scenic route through the hills to Vrsar where our next concert would take place. We gathered a huge crowd and we're feeling pumped. The audience loved us and even gave us donations.
    The long journey back was a mixture of sleep and talking - some still feeling too excited from after the concert.

  2. HMS Youth Forum Blog entry: there will be more throughout the week from other youth forum members

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    Monday submitted by HMS Youth Forum member A

    After successfully navigating the breakfast buffet we embarked on our journey back into Slovenia. Vlatka, our local Club Europe guide made sure we were well versed on local jokes at the Slovenian's expense. Oh, and the local history and language of course... We enjoyed cooling down in the Postojna caves.

    After a Gringotts Bank esque underground train journey we explored the spaghetti cave and enjoyed a spontaneous operatic performance from Adam in the concert hall. After arriving back in Opatija, some of us took the opportunity to go swimming in the lagoon. We enjoyed a game of frisbee, but as the frisbee didn't float the game didn't last long... In the evening we drove round the coast to Rijeka, which you can see from the hotel. We performed in the castle - the oldest part of the Rijeka.

    Finally, back in Opatija we went for a late night ice cream, and then got back to catching up on sleep.