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Category: HCYB Tour Blog Croatia 2017

  1. Youth Forum Journal Blog from Member C

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    We had another nice and relaxed morning, enjoying Opatija and the lagoon, and had yet another great meal at the hotel for lunch. We then made our way by coach across Gary's bridge to the beautiful Island of Krk, and then on to the monastery. This was on a separate tiny island, where [V?] taught us all about the Franciscan Monks. Some of us tried to explore it, but the five minute walk around the island ended up being significantly longer for some!

    On to the concert in Krk city, which started with the marvellous news that our coach had broken down halfway across the island without us... a kind man in a van got our instruments to us, but after the concert we were stuck on Krk whilst our coach was fixed. After eventually getting on the coach at quarter past midnight (!) we got back to a well earned rest.

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