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Category: Fairthorne Weekend 2016

  1. Saturday Night Entertainment

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    So, there are many things to post up and not quite enough hours to do it all in one evening.

    The evening started with a performance by Matt Watling's ensemble comprising some HMS staff and some ex-members.  It was a big hit and the finale of a PMJ medley was dazzling.



    There were various games and a talent show (photos tomorrow) and the evening concluded with a rather special game...


    ....called Brassemon (not to be conufused with a similar game that has taken the world by storm over the summer).


    A variety of characters apeared, totally self-absorbed; some were quite alarming in appearance and carried weaponry in the form of a musical device.


    Here you may see them singing a rather special theme tune at the end of the evening. (Oh and before you ask, the loo roll was left over from the traditional annual mummy competition...


    But in the photo below, you seem them at the start of the evening in somewhat less harmonious disposition...


    Yes, that yellow Brassemon is actually being attacked by another Brassemon with the braying of a pink trombone (a shocking way to treat the instrument)


    Here we see some quite devious attempts to use percussion wizardry to subdue the opposition.


    And here some interesting use of wind and nasal ornamentation to deflect opponents


    Here we see a rather confused and shy Brassemon, in this photo actually facing in the same direction for at least 30 seconds.  Beware that baton.


    Now this Brassemon is really special and consequently has a somewhat inflated sense of importance - note the swagger and stride of a 'woman' with purpose and intent to maim.  Don't be fooled by that pretty little tutu and sublime blonde locks.


    This Brassemon battle could get noisy...


    And now band members, selected by their proven ability in the quiz, show their powers by slaying the Brassemon.


    Some Brassemon Olympians in there methinks....